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See how beautiful Orgrimmar from WoW looks on Unreal Engine 4

buy WOW Classic Gold Wiktor Ohman from Quixel recreated the gate of the city of Orgrimmar from World of Warcraft on the Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine. The effect of his work looks completely different from the original and can really take your breath away.

Wiktor Ohman - head of Quixel's artistic projects department - decided to recreate a fragment of the location known from World of Warcraft on the Unreal Engine 4. We are talking about the gate of the great orc city - Orgrimmar. I must admit that the effects of the graphic work are breathtaking. You can admire them in the video below.

Realism catches the eye first of all - the scene looks completely different than in the original (for comparison - below is a picture from WoW). Both lighting textures and buildings present a completely different level of sophistication. Wiktor Ohman used in his work the so-called megaskans (we are talking about the library developed by Quixel containing thousands of models and textures based on scans of real objects and places).

It is worth noting that this is not the first project of this type on the account of the artist in question. Earlier we had the opportunity to admire Silent Hill 2 and Counter-Strike remakes. In both cases Unreal Engine 4 was also used. Returning to WoW how do you like this version of Orgrimmar? Would you like to play this MMO buy World of Warcraft Classic Gold cheap or do you prefer a slightly comic graphic style of the original?

To be the core player you can't leave without WOW Classic Gold. Earning gold in World of Warcraft is no longer the daunting prospect it used to be but farming for WOW Classic gold can be tedious. Good thing you can always buy some from us here at WOWTT.COM.

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